Entry Australia

Australia maintains a unique position in the world for sustained oil & gas exploration.

Australia's vast size and its geology offer enviable exploration opportunities plus a business friendly regulatory environment. And with the burgeoning Asian economies on Australia's doorstep there's good reason to take a deeper look.


By sheer size, Australia is the 6th largest country in the world. It matches the size of the contiguous United States and when compared to Europe, it is 30% bigger than the EU. Exploration companies are continuing to find success onshore, offshore, beyond state and federal waters from their locations in Australia.


The Australian continent offers vast, relatively unexplored areas, with surprising recent discoveries of new basins. A continental shale gas play is gaining traction and giant and supergiant gas to liquids offshore projects are continuing to supply keen Asian consumers.


Companies are creating new opportunities for world-class oil and gas with conventional and unconventional discoveries.


In contrast to Europe, Australia's land is sparsely populated, and predominantly desert and plains. There is an expanding infrastructure, business friendly legal and tax system based on familiar British laws, and a simple permitting processes.


If you are looking for new opportunities, we assist with rapid entry and progress to monetizing your investment.


» We help you navigate the environmental & native title hurdles;
» Help you understand the Geology;
» Smooth the Government processes;
» And take care of maps, contractors and access to data.


Through our working relationships in the oil and gas industry, we have access to many key services. We can engage experts and service providers directly for your projects, creating valuable time savings to your business.


We can assist with permit applications, pre-processing of a vast available collection of existing seismic data, survey design, tender, survey management and implementation.


Our geologists, seismic processing specialists, structural and stratigraphic interpreters can help with palynology, well data analysis / data loading, AVO, interpretation, mapping and direct analysis of fluids and lithology using Extended Elastic Impedance (EEI) inversion.


New Plays from Old BasinsTM

AusGeos has begun a new initiative to compile comprehensive petroleum information on Australian Basins using a back-to-basics approach where the base dataset, such as mud logs and cuttings descriptions, is scrutinized by experts with the experience necessary to accurately decipher the well geological descriptions rather than rely on electric log interpretation. It is proven this approach has yielded new plays in old basins especially where unconventional plays are being explored. Basin Evaluations are aimed at prospective new basin entrants, active E&P companies and analysts interested in evaluation of the acreage.


Access to seismic, depth grids and geological data can be provided in a suitable format for your work station.


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