Internationally Experienced Consultants

Internationally experienced consultants each with between 20 and 47 years experience and skills ranging across geology, geophysics, management and project leadership are available to help your time- and staff-critical projects.


We're always looking for experienced consultants who wish to work with our friendly, collaborative team.

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David Warner

Dr Anthony Gartrell

Jeff Goodall

Katie Norton

Dr Daniel Miller

Geoff Hokin

Jagathas Paran

Steve McIntyre

Sharon Langston




John R Hughes

Dr Martin Novak

Dr Mark Brennan

Nick Fitzgerald

Ian Stewart (Gravity Magnetics)

Long Tan Dan

Takeshi Sato

Konstantin Cherepanov

Seismic Processing & QC

Ben Turner

Nick Fitzgerald

John R Hughes

Dave Fursman

Maria de Deuge




Seismic Acquisition

Frank Renton

John R Hughes

Nick Fitzgerald


Field QC

Bruce Beer


Exploration Managers/Directors

Chris Porter

Geoff Hokin

Teof Rodrigues



Minerals Exploration

(Gravity / Magnetics)

Ian James

Ian Stewart






Andrew Buffin


Data Integration/Knowledge Management

Martin Novak


Reservoir Engineers

Teof Rodrigues

Amit Namjoshi

Dave Price








We support Australian and international oil and gas E+P companies. Our consultants and teams are available for both short and long term projects. Our teams can handle entire seismic exploration projects. Our consultants are located in Australia, US and worldwide through our Expertise Partnerships.


Examples of activities include; project management of land and marine seismic data acquisition projects, ZNodal cable-less systems, seismic QC (including bird-dogs), G & G interpretation, prospect mapping, fault seal and many other roles.


Whatever your G & G challenge is, we can generally handle everything from permit entry to production.

The CVs listing below provide the professional experience of all our consultants and can be downloaded via the pdf icons.


Contact Us to discuss available solutions.



Geophysicist: Dr Martin Novak pdf Download Martin's Résumé

Location: Adelaide

Martin Novak is an independent Consulting Geophysicist with 38 years international experience in the oil & gas industry.



Martin’s experience and qualifications:

  • Extensive marine and land geophysical experience including acquiring seismic data, processing data, 2D and 3D interpretation, structural and stratigraphic interpretation, integration with geological data, prospect generation and exploration, appraisal and development drilling.

  • Expert in high-end geophysical methods, AVO, inversion, lithology & fluid prediction, quantitative geophysics (QI) and CSEM.

  • Project and Team leadership managing interdisciplinary teams, delivering substantial budgetary savings and quality results, most recently in Australian Southern Margins and in unconventional (tight, shale gas) field development.

  • 8 years on exploration and production projects in Australia and Asia Pacific including Egypt, Gulf of Mexico, Bangladesh, PNG, Carnarvon, Otway & Cooper Basins.

  • Prior experience includes 11 years working on exploration and production projects in Alaska, 5 years in the North Sea (UK) and 3 years on international projects.

  • Company experience with 16 years with BP, 8 years with Santos, 3 years as an independent senior consulting Geophysicist assisting small independents’ entry into new exploration areas and 3 years with a large UK mining Co.

  • Obtained his PhD at Edinburgh University in electromagnetic methods (MT, AMT) in high heat-flow studies in the UK.

  • Member of SEG, ASEG.

  • UNIX & PC based SW: Hampson-Russell, Paradigm, IESX, DUG Insight, Kingdom, Petrosys.

Martin has been Partner & Principal Consultant at AusGeos Pty Ltd. since 2010.

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Seismic Processor: Ben Turner

Location: Brisbane

Ben is a geophysicist and an experienced senior seismic processor with 30 years experience across many major projects.



Ben's experience and qualifications:


  • Multiple large projects 100 - 2000 km 2D

  • Large 3D projects 100 - 5000 sq km

  • Land, Marine, Transition Zone, Over-Thrust, Salt diapirs, OBC.

  • Well versed in complex, legacy data, including navigation set up & statics

  • Acquisition support, 2D + 3D Survey design

  • Applications for hydrocarbons, Helium, coal, hard-rock minerals & geothermal

  • Time and Depth Pre-Stack imaging and velocity model building

  • Software: Paradigm GeoDepth, PGS Tigress, GLOBEClaritas, Tomography

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Geophysical Operations Adviser: John R Hughes pdf Download John's Résumé

Location: Adelaide

John Hughes is an independent Oil & Energy Professional with over 40 years international experience. John is Managing Director & Geophysical Operations Adviser, John R Hughes Geophysical Pty Ltd.



John's experience and qualifications:

  • Highly experienced acquisition and processing geophysicist with an excellent command of environmental issues and economic objectives.

  • Seismic project management including special emphasis on "Sound and Marine Life" issues.

  • Honorary Member of ASEG (Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists. Member SEG, EAGE, ASEG and PESA.

  • Chief Operations Geophysicists, Santos, 24 years.

  • John Has a BSc in Geology from University of Wales, Aberystwyth.

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Structural Geologist: Anthony Gartrell pdf Download Anthony's Résumé

Location: Perth

Anthony holds a PhD. in Structural Geology and a BSc. (Hons.) in Geology and Geophysics from the University of Western Australia. He has over 24 years of experience as a petroleum geologist and is an expert in structural geology, sequence stratigraphy and Play Based Exploration. Anthony has developed innovative new techniques and integrated approaches that have produced new geological insights, resulting in new plays and prospects, often in mature basins. He has published numerous journal articles in major publications throughout his career that have been widely used in both industry and research arenas. Currently he is also an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia where he leads a research project, involving several Masters students, investigating the Permo-Triassic Inversion Tectonics on the NW Shelf.



Anthony's experience and qualifications:


Anthony joined WMC Resources Petroleum Division as an Explorationist and Structural Geologist in 1995. After completing his PhD. in extensional tectonics he joined CSIRO Petroleum Division (2000) where his work investigated structural controls on subsurface fluid flow, with particular focus on the effects of fault reactivation on fault seal and trap integrity. He joined Shell working in Brunei (2007) and then Australia (2011) where he played a lead role in major regional and Play Based Exploration projects as Principal Regional Geologist. The results of this work has been recognised as best practice for contributions to new understanding of basin evolution, sequence stratigraphy, new play development, prospect identification and portfolio rejuvenation. During this time he has developed a deep knowledge of the regional geology and petroleum systems of Australia and SE Asia. The knowledge and approaches used and developed in these regions can be applied to other parts of the globe with equal success. Since 2013 Anthony has been working as a consultant on sequence stratigraphy, structural geology, integrated basin and PBE studies for a range of clients, basins and plays (e.g. NW Shelf – Shell Australia, South China Sea – Shell China, Nam Con Son – Rosneft, PNG – National Petroleum Company PNG, Myanmar – Petronas, Gulf of Thailand – Mubadala Petroleum).


  • Structural geology and tectonics in a wide range of settings

  • Sequence stratigraphy (especially in structurally active settings)

  • Integrated Basin Studies, Play Based Exploration (PBE) and Petroleum Systems Analysis

  • Play and prospect generation and evaluation

  • Geology, petroleum systems and plays in SE Asia and Australia

  • Gross Depositional Environment (GDE) and play mapping

  • 2D/3D seismic interpretation

  • Structural restoration (2D/3D)

  • Fault seal and trap integrity evaluation

  • Integrated structural and charge history studies (fill/spill histories)

  • Potential field data interpretation

  • ArcGIS mapping

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Reservoir Engineer: Teof Rodrigues pdf Download Teof's Résumé

Location: Adelaide


Senior Reservoir Engineer, Teof Rodrigues has 35 years of engineering and operations experience across many levels of business activity. Teof brings in-depth understanding of commercialising hydrocarbon-bearing rocks, development planning and managing risk and uncertainty, production and cost drivers in field development, review of reserves and resource estimation. His application of this experience to successful field monetisation makes him a valuable consultant on clients' development projects.

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Reservoir Engineer: Dave Price

Location: Adelaide


Senior Reservoir Engineer, Dave Price has over 40 years of reservoir development and management experience from a variety of onshore and offshore projects in Australia, UK, New Zealand, India, Malaysia, China, Jordan, UAE and Oman. Dave has worked on clastic, coal and carbonate environments, from low to high permeability and heterogeneity, and a variety of fluid types from low GOR oil and dry gas to volatile oil and gas condensates.

Dave has worked in corporate environments and in consultancies including over 14 years as an independent consultant.

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Geologist: Katie Norton

Location: Adelaide


Geologist, Katie Norton has over 35 years experience in petroleum geology and has focused on onshore and offshore geology in Australia. Kartie excells at log analysis, data retrieval, loading, log correllation and mapping using a variety of software.

Katie has worked overseas for exploration and service companies and is an independent geological consultant.

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Geophysicist: Konstantin Cherepanov pdf Download Konstantin's Résumé

Location: Adelaide

Konstantin Cherepanov is a project geophysicist with over 9 years industry experience of analysis and interpretation of seismic data within the oil and gas industry.



Konstantin's experience and qualifications:

  • 2D/3D seismic interpretation

  • Spectral decomposition, AVO, attribute analysis.

  • Exploration, prospect generation, new ventures

  • Fluent: English, Russian; Competent: French.

  • Strong computer skills, Petrel, Kingdom, Geographix, Hampson-Russell, GeoTeric, Surfer, AutoCad, Roxar: Irap RMS, Crystal Ball, Mapinfo, HoloSeis and others.

  • BSc in Geophysics, (Oil & Gas Location and Extraction)

Konstantin has an international education. He is motivated and flexible with history of practical expertise in prospect generation. He is keen to apply his expertise and expand his skills on challenging projects.


Konstantin is a fan of electronics, microcontrollers, and programming these to perform automated routine jobs.


Konstantin has made a commitment to the defence forces for the forseeable future.

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Geophysicist: Long Tan Dang pdf Download Long's Résumé

Location: Perth

Long Dang is A QI specialist and geophysicist / processing geophysicist with over 16 years of industry experience.



Long's experience and qualifications:

  • 12 years experience in Quantitative Interpretation field

  • Expert in Hampson Russell (Strata, AVO, Emerge); Stochastic inversions (Delivery); Interpretation (Paradigm). User of Petrosys, Landmark, Rockdoc, Petrel, and DUG Insight.

  • Main applications: QI, AVO, Simultaneous Inversion, EEI and geo-mechanical stress models from fracture analysis.

  • 4 years in seismic data processing sector. User of ProMax, OMEGA, Seismic Unix for processing of land and marine data.

  • Internationally experienced: USA, UK, Singapore, and Australia.

  • Fluent in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Vietnamese.

  • Willing and able to travel.

  • Applied geophysicist with Western Geophysical, PGS, BHP Billiton, Santos, prospect uncertainty quantification, fracture attribute mapping, CBM applications

  • Strong computer skills, web-based application development, Java programming and networks.

Long has a BSc in Physics from Curtin University and an MSc in Electronic Commerce also from Curtin University.


Long is a member of ASEG, EAEG and PESA.


Long is a highly motivated and flexible geophysicist. He is keen to work on projects that will challenge him technically and professionally and to contribute his expertise to the success of each project using his technical knowledge.


Long is a fan of basketball, soccer, cricket, badminton, squash and rollerblading.

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Development Geologist: Sharon Langston pdf Download Sharon's Résumé

Location: Adelaide


Senior Geologist, Sharon Langston is an expert in optimising mature assets with 14 years experience. She has excelled in reservoir chracterisation and modelling, Resource/Reserves assessment, Field development planning and assessing NFEs and inwellbore opportunities. Sharon's skill is integrating field, core, log, geophysical and production data to accurately model and predict reservoir behaviour, assess and quantify uncertainties and recommend field development improvements.

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Petrophysicist: Andrew Buffin pdf Download Andrew's Résumé

Location: Perth


Petrophysicist, Andrew Buffin, 34 years international experience in petrophysics, operations and development geology. Andrew has worked on a diverse range of exploration & production projects, with major companies in Australia and overseas, and with smaller companies as a consulting petrophysicist. He is highly competent in Petrophysics, petrophysical software and applications to field optimisation. He has trained others and has published and presented on his subjects of expertise.

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Geologist: David Warner

Location: Adelaide

David Warner is an independent Oil & Energy Professional with almost 40 years international experience. David is a Geologist & Managing Director at DSWPET Pty, Ltd.



David's experience and qualifications:

  • Independent geological consultant specialising in prospect generation from unconventional resources.

  • 39 years experience in the oil and gas industry in various roles related to drilling, operations, well site evaluation, exploration, appraisal and development.

  • Team leader of the Santos Unconventional Reservoir Group (2000 - 2009), developing new unconventional plays, evaluation procedures and completion techniques in the Cooper Basin. In this programme David lead significant experiments related to the development of unconventional resources in the Cooper Basin such as shear stimulation of tight sandstone reservoirs and fracture stimulation of deep coals.

  • While at Santos David carried out resource estimates on several large Santos unconventional assets, including coal, shale and tight sandstone reservoirs, which were endorsed by leading US consultants in unconventional reservoirs.

  • His work with unconventional reservoirs broke considerable new ground in the Australian oil and gas industry and has led directly to the identification of several large new unconventional gas resources in the Cooper and other basins such as the Georgina, Maryborough and Amadeus Basins that are now the focus of a unconventional exploration programmes by majors such as Total and Chevron, as well as Australian companies such as Santos, Senex, Beach Energy and others.

  • He has worked with the technical leaders in unconventional reservoirs from North America and has travelled widely through the unconventional exploration areas.

  • In 2008 he served on the organizing and technical committee for the SPE Workshop on Unconventional Reservoirs in the Barossa Valley.

  • In 2010, in conjunction with Petroleum Consultants MBA/AWT David/DSWPET Pty Ltd published a Shale Gas Atlas for Australia.

  • Within the last 10 years David has undertaken extensive play generation and evaluation especially in onshore Australia.

  • David has a BSc in Geology with Honours from Armidale University and an MSc from Imperial College London. He is a member of both AAPG and SPE.

  • In his role as Managing director DSWPET David is in Joint Venture with AusGeos developing New Plays from Old BasinsTM.

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Geophysicist: Maria de Deuge pdf Download Maria's Résumé

Location: Riverside, Tasmania

Geophysicist and educator with 30 years of experience in seismic and non-seismic work. Career specialisation in seismic QC, navigation and delivery of seismic quality.



Maria's experience and qualifications:

  • Shift leader / navigator / acting chief navigator

  • 8-14 streamer vessels, marine 3D, 4D, broadband surveys

  • Steerable streamers, WAZ surveys

  • Seismic QC, navigation data QC, project and data management

  • Onshore 3D seismic data processing

  • Data QC and pre-production testing

  • Full onboard processing to final stack

  • Training, mentoring & education

Maria has built up an impressive history of seismic data processing and experienced in marine data geophysics and project leadership. She also has additional experience of atmospheric and meteorological physics including three trips to Antarctica and a contribution through teaching internationally and domestically.

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Geophysicist: Dave Fursman pdf Download Dave's Résumé

Location: Mundaring, WA

Dave is an internationally experienced geophysicist in the oil, environmental, groundwater, engineering and mining industries. Dave’s work in seismic delivery and geophysical solutions has benefited a broad range of clients for over 35 years through his services with TGS, PGS and WesternGeco.



Dave's experience and qualifications:

  • Seismic data processing QC

  • Hands-on processing / in field

  • Land, marine, time and depth

  • Acquisition QC

  • Technical advice and risk analysis – planning, tenders, contracts

  • Project management

  • Data management, knowledge management and technology transfer / training

Dave’s base is in Perth, ideally located to meet the demands of domestic / WA and Australasian data acquisition, QC and seismic processing projects.

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Stratigrapher / Geologist: Jeffery Goodallpdf Download Jeffery's Résumé

Location: Adelaide

Jeffery Goodall is an independent Oil & Energy Professional with over 22 years international experience. Jeff is Straigrapher, Geologist & Managing Director at Morgan Goodall Paleo Pty, Ltd.



Jeff’s experience and qualifications:

  • Independent geological consultant, specialising in biostratigraphy (office and wellsite), sequence stratigraphy, and exploration geology. Facies prediction, seismic facies modelling, prospect evaluation (reservoir seal risk).

  • Specialties: seismic sequence stratigraphy, palynology, biostratigraphy, geological modeling, sedimentology, exploration geology.

  • Assignments in Biostratigraphy and Seismic sequence stratigraphy with Santos Ltd. in Australia, SE Asia, USA and Egypt.

  • Exploration geologist Carnarvon Basin, Australia. Prospect generation, drilling.

  • Geological mentor, depositional modeller, seismic facies analysis, facies prediction, peer reviewer of prospects/leads (specifically reservoir/seal risk assessment) in both carbonates and siliciclastics.

  • Palynologist at Ichron Ltd and Geochem Group, UK.

  • Jeff has a PhD in Palynology, sequence stratigraphy from the University of London, MSc in Palynology from Sheffield Hallam University and a BSc in Geology from Kingston University, UK.

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Geologist: Dr Daniel Miller pdf Download Daniel's Résumé

Location: Wyoming, USA

Daniel is an independent geologist based in Cody, WY and Business Manager and Principal Consultant of Targeted Oil & Gas Anslysis, LLC.



Daniel’s experience and qualifications:

  • 13 years of industry experience in development projects, prospect evaluation and exploration.

  • Broad range of regional, basin-wide and detailed field-wide evaluations.

  • Expertise in conventional oil & gas, tight sandstone, shale gas & CBM plays.

  • Industry experience gained with two Major E&P Companies, one independent, and one consulting firm.

  • Highly skilled in correlation & log interpretation, structural & isopach mapping, fracture trend analysis, and reserve evaluation.

  • Daniel is an expert in PETRA and carries his own license.

  • Primary focus in the U.S. Rockies, Mid-continent, and Texas.

  • International experience in Australia’s Cooper-Eromanga basin: Near field gas exploration, appraisal and development.

  • Daniel’s academic focus is on clastic sedimentology & sequence stratigraphy.

  • Has published 3 papers on Sequence Stratigraphy (see Résumé).

  • Obtained his PhD in Geology from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA.

  • First degree: BSc with honors in Geology, Magna Cum Laude, from James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA.

  • Daniel is a licensed Wyoming Professional Geologist and a member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

Daniel is both an Austrailan and US citizen and frequently travels to Australia for business or pleasure.


An example of Daniel’s work - a presentation to the WGA - pdf can be downloaded here (27MB)

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Seismic Acquisition: Frank Renton pdf Download Frank's Résumé

Location: Newcastle, NSW

Frank Renton has over 40 years experience in geophysical data acquisition operations.



Frank's experience and qualifications:

  • Project Management for 2D/3D Shallow/Deep Water Marine Seismic Surveys

  • OH&S Management Systems to Meet Internal and Regulatory Requirements.

  • Providing Tender Documents and Contracts for Seismic Data Acquisition

  • Programs Services/Systems for the Supervision and QC of Seismic Data Acquisition

  • Technical Audits of Contractor's Field Crews.

  • University of Strathclyde, B.Sc. Electrical Engineering 1968

Frank Renton is a director of ENQUEST Pty, Ltd., a marine seismic acquisition company providing services to the offshore oil and gas exploration industry.

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Geophysicist: Nick Fitzgerald pdf Download Nick's Résumé

Location: Perth

Nick Fitzgerald is an independent Consulting Geophysicist with over 30 years Australasian and International experience in the oil and gas industry. Nick is Managing Director and Principal Consultant of FitzGeo Pty Ltd.



Nick’s experience and qualifications:

  • Nick has lead and managed multidisciplinary teams for many years providing integrated seismic solutions for exploration, field development and reservoir monitoring purposes.

  • Extensive seismic acquisition experience, design - planning - execution, marine - land - TZ, 2D - 3D - reservoir monitor. Cost estimates - preparation of Tender Invites - bid evaluation - negotiation & award recommendations.

  • Seismic data processing, sequence design - testing & parameter selection - external contractors - internal hands on.

  • Advanced seismic data analysis, deterministic & stochastic inversion - integration of well data with seismic AVO analysis of reflectivity data - AVO inversion for Vp/Vs, & poissons ratio.

  • Nick has 6 years seismic contractor experience, O&G operating company experience, 13 years with Delhi/Santos Ltd, 14 years with Woodside Energy.

  • Experience in most Australian basins, GOM, PNG, Taranaki & Southland basins, North, West, & East Africa, especially Sirte & Murzuq basins.

  • 4 years Manager Geophysics, Woodside Energy Nth Africa Ltd. Resident in Libya building a geophysics team and executing extensive land and marine exploration programs.

  • 4 Years Chief Geophysicist Woodside Energy Ltd Perth Responsible for all of Woodside Energy Ltd geophysical activities.

  • Nick has a BSc and MSc degree from University of Auckland, Geology Department. Thesis : Application of Geophysical prospecting to the Huntly coal basin.”

  • Member of SEG, ASEG, EAGE

Nick is our client point of contact in Perth with access to AusGeos consultants and seismic processing centre in Adelaide.

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Geoscientist and Global Trainer: Steve McIntyrepdf Download Steve's Résumé

Location: Adelaide

Steve McIntyre is a recognised world leader in risk analysis and portfolio management, and has developed complete courses on risk analysis, portfolio management. Steve is an expert in designing, implementing and managing the associated systems.



Steve's experience and qualifications:

  • Trainer and independent consultant with 30+ years experience

  • Significant operational expertise in risk analysis and portfolio management

  • Ready-to-go courses of 1 and 2 week duration

  • Training management and staff up to 20 people

  • Expertise in ‘Value of Information’ and ‘bidding strategy methodologies’

  • Rigorous evaluation of prospect and play potential

  • Trained by Rose and Associates

Steve has given courses all over the world and worked for more than 40 including: Shell, Chevron, Woodside, Encana, Occidental, Petronas, Saudi Aramco, Unocal, Santos, AWE and others.


He has published a number of papers on geology, risk analysis and portfolio management and has a B.Sc (Hon) Geology, University of Adelaide.


Steve's skills are constantly in demand, running courses in different parts of the world, educating and implementing the latest industry practices.


Download PetroRA's Three Day Course: Risk Analysis for the E&P Industry Description here pdf

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Board Adviser / Mentor: Chris Porter pdf Download Chris' Résumé

Location: Adelaide

Chris is a huge source of information on Australian oil and gas exploration and a valuable asset for any company considering oil and gas exploration in Australia or overseas.



Chris' experience and qualifications:

  • Extensive experience of Cooper Basin at senior management roles.

  • Chris can be engaged where a Non-Executive Board Member role is required with focus on senior level Industry/Government liaison, Project Management, and Mentoring.

  • Chris’s career started in 1962 and he has been involved on many projects across Australia and various locations around the word as consultant geologist, geophysicist, petrophysicist, Manager, General Manager and Company director.

  • Chris was a Non-Executive Director of Cooper Energy for 9 years from 2002 to 2011.

  • Chris has worked 11 years at Santos Ltd as Manager Technical Services and 13 years at Western Mining Corp. where he started the Oil and Gas section and remained as General Manager Petroleum.

  • Chris has attended the Stanford Business School Senior Executive Program in Business; has a Masters of Geophysical Engineering, Petrophysics from the Colorado School of Mines and has a BSc (Hon) in Geology from Adelaide University.

  • Chris was a visiting lecturer and thesis advisor at the Adelaide University from 1970-83, and lectured at the Australian Mineral Foundation between 1973 and 1987.

  • He has been an S.A. PESA branch President (1980-82), an APPEA Councillor, and Chairman of the Geoscience Advisory Committee at the Australian School of Petroleum Adelaide University (1992-2008) having served on the committee for 25 years (1985-2010).

  • Chris has published numerous papers, is currently on the PESA (S.A. branch) committee and has been a member of AAPG, SPWLA, SEG, ASEG, SPE and PESA.

  • Chris was awarded the PESA Meritorious Service Award in 2009.

Chris is a huge source of information on Australian oil and gas exploration and a valuable asset for any company considering oil and gas exploration in Australia or overseas.

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Geophysicist: Geoff Hokin pdf Download Geoff's Résumé

Location: Toowoomba, QLD

Geoff was awarded his Masters Degree in Geology in 1984 from the University of Wollongong and a Masters Honours degree in 1990.



Geoff's experience and qualifications:

  • Geoff has a diverse professional career that includes a number of executive management positions to Company Director.

  • He has worked extensively in production and exploration geology in coal, coal seam gas, and unconventional shale gas exploration.

  • As the Manager Exploration & Operations for Armour Energy Ltd Geoff successfully identified and realized two new gas fields in the proterozoic sediments of the McArthur Basin with well results reported to the ASX in August 2012.

  • Geoff’s 20 year corporate carreer spans roles as Wellsite geologist, Exploration geologist, Consultant geologist and Exploration manager including operational roles, strategic managerial roles and consultant roles for corporations in Australia and overseas.

  • In addition to a Master Honours degree in Geology, Geoff holds qualifications in Business Management and a Diploma in Workplace Training & Assessment.

Geoff was awarded his Masters Degree in Geology in 1984 from the University of Wollongong and a Masters Honours degree in 1990.

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Field QC: Bruce Beer pdf Download Bruce's Résumé

Location: Adelaide

Bruce Beer is an independent Oil & Energy Professional with over 40 years experience in Australia and internationally.



Bruce’s experience and qualifications:

  • Worked with some of Australia's leading geophysical explorationists to develop some of the most economic, efficient, high quality and environmentally sensitive seismic parameters in the world.

  • A consulting seismic acquisition Client Representative since 1978. Supervises a small team of seismic bird-dogs operating mostly in Australia.

  • Member of ASEG, SEG and PESA.

  • Early career trained and worked as a marine seismologist but concentrates on land operations now. Worked in most sedimentary basins of onshore Australia.

  • Bruce has a BSc in Physics from the University of Melbourne.

Bruce is a past managing Director of B. C. & M. Beer Pty. Ltd.

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Exploration Management / Geologist: Jagathas Paran pdf Download Jagathas' Résumé

Location: Adelaide

Jaga has over 15 years of direct experience as Operations Geologist with major oil and gas operators including SAGASCO (now Origin Energy), Murphy Oil Malaysia, Talisman Energy Malaysia, Carigali-SHELL Malaysia and BHP Billiton Malaysia.



Jagathas' experience and qualifications:

  • Experience includes drilling of Exploration and Development wells including deviated and horizontal wells. Jaga's experience includes drilling in shallow and ultra-deep waters.

  • Provided full-cycle Operations Geology service from project inception to well completion, contributing to the Basis of Well Design, tendering for services including wireline, LWD, Mudlogging, real-time services, PVT and fluids analysis, Core Analysis and Biostratigraphy.

  • Geological input for pore-pressure modeling and data for drilling in HPHT environment.

  • Experienced in coordinating shallow hazard work including site survey and geohazards analysis.

  • Emphasis on cost control and obtaining the best value for the geological services without compromising the technical requirements and also ensuring lost time is minimised through an effective QAQC process.

  • Skilled at engaging and managing an effective team of Wellsite Geologists with a thorough knowledge of wellsite geological operations, having good communications abilities and able to supervise and manage mudlogging, LWD and Wireline operations.

  • Total over 30 years of experience working in positions including Operations Geologist, Exploration Geologist, Exploration Team Leader and Exploration Manager.

  • Worked on major geological basins including the Malay, Sarawak and Sabah Basins in Malaysia, the Cooper, Eromanga, Otway, Perth, Canning and Officer Basins in Australia and Congo and Kwanza Basins offshore Angola.

  • Workstation experiences include PETREL, GeoFrame Applications (Geology Office, Charisma), Landmark Seisworks, GeoProbe, Well Seismic Fusion and Stratworks. Other software experience includes Kingdom, Petrosys and Z-Map mapping systems, Terrastation (Terralog), REP (Reserve Evaluation), ROSE (Reserve Evaluation), RFT Plot, BasinMod maturity and basin modelling and WinLog Log Drawing software.

Jaga has a BSc (Hons) in Geology from the University of Malaya and a Masters in Geology from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Belgium.

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Geophysicist (Gravity Magnetics): Ian Stewart, Ph.D.pdf Download Ian's Résumé

Location: Adelaide

With over 40 years of direct experience Ian is South Australia's expert and consultant in gravity and magnetics.



Ian's experience and qualifications:

  • Over the last 41 years working in the industry Ian has accumulated extensive experience in processing, merging, interpreting and generally improving potential field data.

  • For most of his work Ian employs his own software. He carries out all standard data processing and modelling work as well as specialised work not ordinarily done or avilable in commercial software. This includes routine terrain corrections for gravity data and depthing of magnetic data.

  • Ian also has experience in radiometric, electrical/resistivity and magento-telluric techniques.

  • Since 1993, Ian has published 48 refereed papers and reports, including, in 1996 a paper published in First Break. Over his career has written many reports, abstracts, theses, and presented numerous posters and talks.

  • Throughout his consulting career Ian has worked with and provided services for over 40 different clients including Beach Energy, Newmont Mining Corporation and Saudi Geological Survey.

  • His current memberships include:

    Seismological Society of America
    Society of Exploration Geophysicists
    American Geophysical Union
    International Association for Mathematical Geosciences
    Geological Society of Australia
    Geological Association of Canada
    Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists

  • B.SC. Honours Physics, 1968, University of Adelaide

  • Ph.D. Seismology 1972, University of Adelaide

Being a UK, Canadian and Australian citizen Ian is able to work easily in various parts the world. He lives locally in College Park in Adelaide.

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Geophysicist: Mark Brennan pdf Download Mark's Résumé

Location: Adelaide

Mark Brennan is an independent Consulting Geophysicist with over 40 years experience internationally in the oil and gas industry.



Mark's experience and qualifications:

  • 16 years active geophysics experience Pakistan, India, China, Thailand & Vietnam.

  • Extensive marine and land geophysical experience, planning and supervising 2D and 3D data programmes, seismic interpretation, processing oversight and mapping.

  • Established explorer, Australia (NW shelf, Southern Margins), Asia, UK (North Sea), South America, Africa.

  • Regional and permit specific interpretation of 2D and 3D seismic data.

  • Project and Team Leader experience, Regional Exploration Manager & Chief Geophysicist.

  • Quantitative geophysical analysis, AVO & inversion.

  • 11 years experience as Geophysical Consultant for clients including: Tullow Oil, Premier Oil, Bass Strait Oil and Orient Petroleum.

  • Obtained his PhD at University of Reading, UK in Theoretical Physics.

  • Software familiarity: LandMark's SeisWorks package, Sattlegger's geophysical modeling and mapping package, SMT Kingdom Suite, GGX (SeisVision), Petrosys, Hampson- Russell (AVO), some experience in Petrel.

Before moving to Adelaide Mark was based in Perth.

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Geophysicist: Takeshi Sato pdf Download Takeshi's Résumé

Location: Perth

Takeshi Sato is a field and processing geophysicist with over 10 years industry experience of data acquisition, processing and interpretation applied to the minerals, coal, and oil and gas industries.



Takeshi's experience and qualifications:

  • Specialised in Shallow Seismic Surveys, Resistivity, Electromagnetic Surveys, Ground Probing Radar (GPR) and Borehole radar.

  • Expert at Acquisition, Processing, integration and interpretation of data, and GIS applications.

  • Internationally experienced: India, Germany, Finland, PNG, Tanzania, and Australia; Willing and able to travel.

  • Fluent: English, Japanese, proficient in Swahili and knowledge of French.

  • Strong operations skills, operation of many different types of surveying equipment, computer skills, and database and data management.

  • Member of SEG, ASEG, AIG, EA and AusIMM.

  • As volunteer activities Takeshi lists numerous activities including building projects in Tanzania.

Takeshi is a highly motivated and flexible geophysicist with history of practical expertise. He is the cofounder of ASST Pty Ltd – a geophysical consulting company. He is keen to become a leading geophysicist and to work on projects where he can provide more effective and efficient methods of providing geophysical solutions.


Takeshi has a BSc (Hon) from University of Sydney, where he researched the effects of stress fields and fractures on seismic wave propagation. He attended the International School of Moshi, Tanzania.


Takeshi is a fan of travelling, motorsports, movies, computers, electronic equipment, swimming and rock climbing.

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Reservoir Engineer: Amit Namjoshi pdf Download Amit's Résumé

Location: Perth


Reservoir Engineer, Amit Namjoshi has 25 years international experience as reservoir engineer with both large and small companies. He is highly experienced in Field Development Planning, Reservoir Management and Well surveillance of fields onshore and offshore. As a practical engineer he is expert at PVT/EoS modelling, reservoir modelling, well-test interpretation, Reservoir simulation (Eclipse/Petrel, OFM/Prosper/MBAL) and building 3D models using multi-disciplinary input (G&G, production & drilling) data. Amit's skills include reserves assessment, uncertainty identification and mitigation. He has international experience in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, UAE, Oman, Egypt, Australia, and other countries.

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Past Consultants

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Geophysicist: Ilona Dvorak pdf Download Ilona's Résumé

Location: Brunei



Ilona's experience and qualifications:

  • Experienced processing geophysicist, QA/QC oversight and complex imaging technologies.

  • 4 years BP, Sunbury, international seismic imaging projects

  • Interpretation, quantitative seismic analysis and seismic imaging using advanced technologies.

  • 13 years industry experience working for both Operators and Geophysical contractors in Geoscientist and Geophysicist roles.

  • Diverse experience in the seismic cycle, from processing delivery, interpretation and prospect generation, reservoir characterization, quantitative seismic analysis and pore pressure seismic analysis studies.

  • Interpretation experience from onshore UK and Europe mature exploration plays for both Carbonate and Classic reservoirs.

  • Expertise in shallow marine ocean bottom, deep water towed streamer, desert and non-desert onshore processing projects.

  • Specialist in Full Waveform Inversion velocity modeling and complex imaging using algorithms such as Reverse Time Migration and Specular Beam Migration codes

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Geoscientist: Peter Boult pdf Download Peter's Résumé

Location: Adelaide

Peter Boult is an independent Oil & Energy Professional with over 30 years international experience. Peter is Managing Director of Ginkgo ENP GNG, Geological Advisor at Rodinia Oil Corp., VP Exploration Duntroon Oil Corp. and Visiting Research Fellow at ASP.



Peter's experience and qualifications:

  • 30 years experience across many sectors. Last 10 years gaining experience as geophysicist, interpreter on passive margins.

  • Specialties: Geoscience Computing 10 years (expert) Traptester, IESX & Petrosys; Seal Integrity, PhD on capillary seals, wettability & migration pathways Eromanga Basin. Structural Geology / Seismic Interpretation, Passive margin kinematics, seismic interpretation incorporating depth conversion, fault plane attributes, potential field data, Image log analysis, 2D and 3D seismic manipulation, elastic dislocation modelling & fracture prediction.

  • Various assignments with Origin Energy as staff geoscientist/project leader, Chief Petroleum Geoscientist with Primary Industries and Resources South Australia (PIRSA) specialising in using structural geology and geomechanical concepts for validating and providing better seismic interpretation as well as creating new play ideas.

  • Peter continues to be an adjunct staff member of the Australian School of Petroleum, where he supervises postgraduate students. During 2009 he was the PESA invited lecturer and delivered lectures around Australia.

  • Peter is an associate at Badley Geoscience.

  • BSc (Hon) in Geology, 1976 Leeds University, PhD in Applied Geology from the National Centre for Petroleum Geology and Geophysics, University of South Australia in 1996.

  • Lecturer in structural field geology for 10 years whilst specialising in seal research for PhD thesis.

  • 2 years structural geologist, copper mining Zambia. 3 years Wellsite Geologist, Europe.

  • Peter has published over 80 peer reviewed papers on reservoir characterisation, seal integrity, structural geology, seismic inversion and basin evaluation.

Peter is Managing Director GINKGO ENP GNG (exploration and production, geology and geophysics), which has an alliance with Badley Geoscience (UK). The company specialises in structural geology, trap integrity and seismic lithology. GINKGO offers seismic interpretation services using Badley's TrapTester, seismic inversion using Hampson-Russell's STRATA and professional mapping using Petrosys DBmap.

GINKGO ENP GNG clients are mainly based in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

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Processing Geophysicist: Ian James pdf Download Ian's Résumé

Location: Perth

Ian James brings a high level of Geophysical expertise across a range of techniques including seismic processing, shallow penetration geophysics and non-seismic methods.



Ian's experience and qualifications:

  • Extensive experience gained working in a range of roles for clients across the Australasian region, including: Woodside, Chevron, Santos, Senex Energy, Drillsearch Energy, Buru Energy, Origin Energy, Hess, Terrex & Hiseis.

  • Expert in seismic processing and non-seismic methods.

  • Ian is an active member of several industry bodies including SEG, ASEG, AIG, AGU & AGS, with an involvement that includes acting as one of the technical chairs for the 2015 ASEG – PESA conference.

  • Software: Globe Claritas, GoCAD, Profile Analyst, Mapinfo, Global Mapper, Oasis Montaj, Res3Dinv, SeisImager, SeisOpt, SurfSeis, OMNI3D, Potent, MS Office, and all computer platforms Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix.

  • B.Sc. (Hons)  Geophysics, Southampton University, UK, 2008

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Data Integration Consultant: Alex Ross pdf Download Alex's Résumé

Location: Adelaide

Alex Ross is an independent consulting geologist, specialising in oil and gas data; data management, business development & business analysis. He has over 25 years Australian and international experience in the oil and gas industry.



Alex's experience and qualifications:

  • 2 years oil & gas data and IT consulting experience, Santos & Beach Energy.

  • 1 year in GAA Wireline in mining wireline business development.

  • 19 years in Schlumberger: oil & gas software development, software sales, account management, operations management & marketing.

  • 4 years with Shell UK Exploration.

  • Obtained a B.Sc. Geology & M.Sc. Sedimentology from the University of London. Thesis: The Oligocene-Miocene flysch of the Eastern Aegean.

  • Member: PESGB, PESA - committee member SA.

  • Dual British/Australian Nationality.

  • Base Adelaide, outback camping, tennis, and cycling.

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Geoscientist: Peter Strauss

Location: Adelaide

Peter Strauss is an independent Consulting Geoscientist with over 30 years international and Australian experience in the oil and gas industry.



Peter's experience and qualifications:

  • Experienced in seismic interpretation and mapping of Mungaroo Fm. Carnarvon Basin, Northwest Shelf.

  • Expert in marine and land 2D/3D interpretation and prospect mapping & generation.

  • Expert AVO, Modelling, Attribute Analysis, Seismic Inversion and Depth Conversion.

  • Extensive experience: Cooper Basin; New ventures: Egypt; Browse and Bonaparte Basins WA.

  • Knowledgable in Seismic Processing, PSDM, Seismic Processing oversight, Data Merging, Data enhancement.

  • Seismic acquisition, land and marine, seismic inversion to rock properties.

  • Proficiency in Paradigm, IESX, Geoframe, VoxelGeo, Hampson Russell, Petrosys, Seismic Unix, Globe Claritas, Promax. All computer platforms.

  • Prior experience includes 18 years exploration in Africa.

Peter has a B.Sc. (Hon) Geology, and B.Sc. Geology & Physics Stellenbosch, South Africa, 1980; and is an active member of SEG, ASEG, PESA.


Peter has published a landmark paper:
Detection of gas in sandstone reservoirs using AVO analysis: A 3-D seismic case history using the Geostack technique. Jan L. Fatti, George C. Smith, Peter J. Vail, Peter J. Strauss, and Philip R. Levitt


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Seismic Processing & Seismic Processing QC: Louis Coleshill

Location: Adelaide

Louis Coleshill is our sesimic processing and ZNodal expert. He is extending his knowledge quickly into seismic data QC, in-field processing and bird-dog skills.



Louis’ experience and qualifications:

  • Globe Claritas processing software

  • ZNodal vibroseis interfacing and reading data

  • In-field processing - data QC to final section in the field

  • Experienced in electronics, radio communications and software

  • Nav data merging

  • Mapping and GIS

  • Hardware, software, all operating systems

  • Heavy Rigid (truck) driving license

Louis has worked in the oil and gas industry since 2010. He has been training and processing seismic data for 2 years and is looking for experience in seismic data QC, field recording, seismic acquisition, bird-dog and seismic operations.


Louis is the current President of the South Coast Amateur Radio Club SA, and recently facilitated SA school's communications hook-up to the Space Station.

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